Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49

PICTURE: my magic blanket. My great grandma made this blanket for me when I was born. It was so well-loved that my grandma had to put a new blanket on it and added the satin border. It had started to get pretty ragged on the outside about 2 months ago. I asked my great friend, Shannon, if she could fix it. This is the final result. The white is new - she put it over the old pink quilting. She also cut a piece of the old backing and made a little patch. Then she sewed everything to keep in nice and sturdy. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to take a nap with it.

READING: Numbers 27-29. I'm guessing that Joshua was spared because he is to become the successor of Moses. What HUGE shoes to fill! Moses has helped to bring God's people into a new land. However, none of those who began the journey are still there. A new generation = a new leader.

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