Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 25

PICTURE: cow eyes. We had Family Fun Night at SES. Science Central came and we did activities all about the human body. I volunteered for the eye station....and I got to show kids (and parents) a disected cow eye. We got to touch the parts and squeeze a fully assembled one. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

READING: Exodus 31-34. Verse 32:1b says "Come make us gods who will go before us." The Israelites were tired of waiting on Moses to come down from his meeting with God on the mountain. So, rather than be patient, they went to Aaron and made this request. I found myself reflecting on the numerous times that I have gotten tired of waiting on God and taken matters into my own hands. It never goes well, as the Israelites also found out. God's timing is perfect and HE knows what and when is best for us.


  1. Dina, are you going to come clean off my keyboard because I just RALPHED all over it???

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