Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

PICTURE: Reading buddies. Every Thursday, my 5th graders buddy up with a class of 2nd graders to read. As I was taking in the interaction of pairs of students, these 2 girls caught my eye. They were laughing and smiling and reading...enjoying the book and each other. Moments like this melt my heart and remind me of why I love my job!

READING: Genesis 21-23. All three chapters had something that popped out. I'm just going to share what I wrote in my journal...

Gen 21:1 "...and the LORD did for Sarah what he had promised." (she was prego)

Gen 22 This chapter always stirs me. Abe was SO obedient! God gave him the son he was promised only to later ask Abe to present Isaac as a sacrifice. Abe's obedience spared Isaac's life and God provided the sacrifice. AWESOME!

Gen 23 Sarah dies. :( Maybe it's the hopeless, romantic side of me, but I imagine that Abe and Sarah had a wonderful marriage. They went through A LOT together, finally had a son, and Abe wept over her. Precious...

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