Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28

PICTURE: bed head! I might be the only person that appreciates my bed head. It makes me giggle every morning, no lie. Last night I slept with my hood up all night and this is the result.

READING: Leviticus 1-4. WOW....lots of rules to follow. I won't lie, I really struggle to grasp the concept behind all of them. Then I noticed a little "side note" in my Bible (it's not a study Bible, but every now and then it throws in some good notes).

The sequence of the sacrifices furnishes part of the spiritual significance of the sacrificial system:
1. sin had to be dealt with
2. the worshiper committed himself completely to God
3. fellowship between the Lord, priest, and worshiper was established

I found this as a guide. Sure we don't have to offer blood and burnt offerings (Jesus took care of that), but we can still follow the example.
1. We need to deal with our sin by acknowledging it to God.
2. We need to lay our lives at the feet of Jesus.
3. We need fellowship between God, Jesus, and our self.

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