Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8

PICTURE: the pics explain themselves....

I LOVE CEREAL! I eat it in this bowl with a big spoon. I have always eaten cereal out of a bigger bowl and finally decided to make my very own, personalized, green, cereal bowl. (It's great for ramen noodles too.)

READING: Genesis 26-28. Deceit led to the blessing of a life time. It doesn't seem right and I don't understand it all (how things "worked" back in the day). But, it was the course that God already knew would happen. That's the cool part if you ask me. Despite the scheme of Rebekah and Jacob, God made good of it in the end.


  1. Yup, commenting on my own post. At church this morning, we looked at Gen. 25 and 27!!!!! Pastor Jim (Grace Community Church) explained that the blessing was an inheritance that was DOUBLE what other siblings would have received. Esau gave ALL OF THAT up for a moment of satisfying his hunger.

  2. LOVE your photo. How fun to eat out of that every morning (and maybe some nights too?).

  3. def eat out of that at any hour of the day. only bad's not dishwasher safe ;)