Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27

PICTURE: Amanda and Dina. This is my very good friend, Amanda. She is the sweetest gal! We've barely known each other a year and it feels like we have been friends forever. We had a girls' night tonight: Hacienda, conversation, singing to music, and great laughs. Love this girl!

READING: Exodus 38-40. Exodus it right now here! The Glory of the LORD, God himself, dwelt amongst the Tabernacle. How awesome is that...what a sight!

I have finished another book of the Bible! I cannot believe it!!!! I had written a question in my Bible at the end of Exodus. It says, "Do you believe that God can use you as he used Moses? Are you willing to let God use you?" I have really been thinking about this as I have read through Exodus. I challenge you, readers, to think about this as well. I know I am ready for God-sized things to happen in my life (and maybe a little nervous that they really will)!

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