Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81

PICTURE: Healthworks Museum field trip. We went on a field trip to the Healthworks Museum in South Bend today. It is part of the Memorial Hospital. I have never enjoyed a field trip so much. Everything was very interactive as we learned about the body. We learned about the brain, blood, heart, and lungs. We got to see real pig lungs. The coolest part of the trip was watching Paul (our instructor) dissect a pig heart. AWESOME!!!

READING: 1 Samuel 4-7. The Ark gets stolen by the Philistines and look at the course of events...

1 Sam 5:6b "he brought devastation upon them (the people of Ashdod) and afflicted them with tumors."

1 Sam 5:9 "(Gath) was thrown into a great panic. He afflicted the people of the city...with an outbreak of tumors."

People obviously didn't take the power of God honestly (outside of Israel and they even had their moments of stupidity). I love the response of the people of Ekron in 1 Sam 5:11 "Send the ark of the god of Israel away; let it go back to its own place or it will kill us and our people." These guys heard what happened in Ashdod and Gath and wanted none of it!

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