Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86

PICTURE: chillin on the couch. Today I decided to just relax and watch some bball. Needless to say I will hit a low when the NCAA bball tourney is over. But, until then, this is how we spend out time. Linus and Charlie played all morning and most of the afternoon. This is them when they crashed. They are such an odd couple, but I love them. They get along so well.

READING: 1 Samuel 19-21. Heading reads: Saul Tries to Kill David

Jealousy is No good! Saul is in a spiritual battle. God is sending an evil spirit upon Saul (how is that possible). I think this had to do with God rejecting Saul in chapter 15.

I love the relationship that is developing between Jonathan and David. It makes me think of Paul and Timothy. They care so much for one another! Everyone needs someone like that in their life.

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